Kate Gunning

Founding Manager

Kate is focused on strategic market development and technology commercialization for the Life Sciences, Healthcare and Clean technology sectors. Kate’s expertise is evaluating and developing market opportunities in the US for emerging Life science and Healthtech companies and their inventive technologies.  

Kate’s career includes a broad range of Life science and Med tech expertise, from Nuclear medicine to Clinical chemistry, Genomics, and Automation. She has worked with both academic and industry leaders. 

With an expansive network both in the US and internationally, she is frequently tapped for advice and guidance on the development of the Biotech and Cleantech industries in the US and overseas. Kate serves as a mentor with Silicon Valley based accelerators, including UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. She also serves as an Industry mentor with the BioExel accelerator based in Galway, Ireland, provides career and mentorship support to The Last Mile, working with prison tech accelerators, and with the international STEM graduate community.

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JAyaranjan ANthonypillai

Founding Manager

Jayaranjan has an extensive background in scientific research and technology validation, and has worked in clinical, clean-tech, biotech, and agri-tech sectors. Leveraging his experience and background in biology and lipid chemistry, he has developed novel technologies for overcoming product development, process development, and engineering challenges. 

J has been an active figure in the Bay Area biotech startup scene, and is the founder of Berkeley Biolabs, a biotech incubator where he helped mentor and launch over 30 companies.

He is also the co-founder of The Berkeley Program which equips high school and middle school STEM students to pursue entrepreneurship, and Focus Academy which serves as a ‘Soft Landing’ for international biotech startups in the Bay Area.  As an entrepreneur and mentor for several startups, J’s emphasis is often on product/market fit as the main driver of R&D effort and strategy.


Andrew Broderick

Dir. Research

Andrew’s research interests focus specifically on the transformation of consumer health through innovation, technology and strategy. Andrew currently serves as Research Center Director at the Public Health Institute to advance digital health practices and policies and works with the San Francisco Tech Council to support and advance its work to promote digital inclusion for older adults and people with disabilities.

Andrew’s extensive experience includes the evaluation and assessment of digital health solutions for underserved populations, leading user experience research, and conducting focus groups and interviews with key opinion leaders across the healthcare continuum. 

Previously Andrew has served as Research Director at the Health Technology Center in San Francisco.  International. Prior to that he led research projects on new business opportunity searches and supported strategic planning efforts on a broad range of emerging technologies at SRI International.