Corporate Strategy Consulting

Focus academy works with local and international companies positioning to enter the Biotech and Healthtech sectors and expand their Bio-innovation business programs.  Whether you are looking to be an external investor or seek a more strategic business relationship, we provide rapid access to the fastest growing, most exciting, and lucrative segments of the Bio + Healthtech industries. 

Focus Academy is frequently tapped for our in-depth knowledge and network that spans from the Bay Area to the greater US and globally.

Key Benefits:

 1.    Develop a comprehensive overview on emerging trends, key competitors, and the technologies that are evolving across the industry.

2.    Identify the most relevant trends and opportunities matched to your business needs. 

3.    Gain a clear view of innovations, developments and startups competing in the strategic segments.

4.    Design a comprehensive strategy to engage and participate.

Focus academy has globally, mapped the current innovation landscape, challenged historic beliefs, and jointly defined future portfolio strategies, including investment and divestment decisions for our corporate clients.  



INternational Startups

We enable emerging international biotech companies to enter and thrive in the US market by providing in-depth business, market, and product development programming. Focus Academy provides lab and office facilities in downtown San Francisco, and is very well integrated in a thriving startup community.


Program goals

Focus Academy helps companies position their products for the US market, and helps them communicate their vision and technologies to potential investors, industry stakeholders, and customers.